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Just a follow up endorsement to my last email. It's been almost three months since I set up our Dancing Willow Dual Spinner wind sculpture. Through heavy snows, ice storms and strong winds here in Cincinnati, that wind sculpture has performed better than I could ever have hoped. It even spun when covered with snow one day, just like your video. The only time it stopped was after a heavy rain and sudden deep freeze. I brought the fans inside for a few minutes to thaw out and dry the bearings and then put it back outside to continue the show. We love the ever-changing blade patterns and sunlight that glistens off the blades. We are also really pleased with how little of a breeze is required to get that spinner in motion. We now look forward to enjoying it when we can sit outside on our patio this spring and summer. Thank you for a quality product.- Jerry L., Cincinnati, OH, 03/19/2014

Our Dancing Willow Dual Spinner wind sculpture is beyond expectation. As I write this it is turning in a slight breeze catching the sunlight and making interesting patterns with its contra-rotating blades. What amazes me is that it is almost constantly moving, even when the leaves on the trees do not appear to show any wind action. The easy assembly and setup took just a few minutes before we were enjoying our new kinetic wind sculpture. Your use of quality materials and workmanship, the fine bearings and almost perfect balance all suggest we will be enjoying this lawn ornament for a long time. I would not hesitate to recommend this to any who might question the value for the money. - Jerry L., Cincinnati, OH, 12/24/2013

First, I cannot say enough how pleased I am with my Stanwood. It is definitely quality all around. Even just picking it up told me that. I wound my first skein. So pleased with the ease of operation. Another thing, I ordered Sat morning and when I got home this afternoon (Mon), it was here. I could hardly believe it. I figured I would have to wait at least till the end of the week.I am so pleased. Thank you for offering such a quality piece of equipment. - Bev E., Warsaw, IN, 10/28/2013

Ryan, Received 18 Sept. Box and all parts in perfect condition. Installed today (19 Sept). Sprayed bearings and screw parts with WD-40. Easy to install. Well made product. Looks beautiful. Great design. Movements mesmerizing. Kudos. - Bill B., Mathews, VA, 09/19/2013

I received the wind sculpture yesterday. It is beautiful!! I took very little time to assemble and set up. It started to turn just walking across the room. I could not be more SATISFIED with the quality!!! My wife gave me a cheap one last year that never would turn in a strong wind and it looked like a piece of junk made by children with just a hammer and no skill at soldering. The parts didn’t fit together well and it was a pain to assemble. What a waste of time and money!! Your wind sculpture is well worth the additional cost and will be a pleasure to look at and enjoy for many years. Thank you for offering such a high quality item!! I am still thoroughly amazed at the quality!!! It turns with just my breathe and is fabulous with just the slightest breeze. - Elton G., Lumberton, TX, 08/14/2013

We received our Dancing Willow Leaves Spinner today. It totally lived up to its reputation. It was well packaged, and the assembly was well diagrammed and explained. One very slight suggestion I would have is this: 1 of the 3 stake "holes" was a little snug in diameter, and I had to work it a bit to get it over the top of the copper pipe. I think it was in part a little tight on the hole tolerance and also in part the copper to copper friction. A helpful tip for anyone having a similar problem would be to use just a tiny little bit of dish soap and that helps slide the stakes on, and the soap can be wiped off. The rest of the set up was easy, and it is now spinning nicely, even in a very faint breeze. My wife and daughter were totally thrilled to see it working. After the disappointment of trying a cheap spinner that was poorly balanced and did not spin, your kinetic sculpture is amazing, as well as beautiful. It moves effortlessly in even the slightest breeze. We do indeed look forward to decades of pleasure it will add to our home. It is refreshing in these days of poorly made products to discover something that is nicely designed, precisely engineered with solid materials, and truely made to last. I'm an engineer myself and very picky, and I'm very impressed. Well done! - Daniel N., Las Vegas, NV, 05/29/2013

Just wanted to THANK YOU for the beautiful Dancing Willow Spinner!!! My husband said it was so simple to put up. It spins/rotates so easily in the wind. GREAT construction and quality material. . .well worth the price. Thanks again for making a product you stand behind !! Thanks for putting it on sale too!!! - Cathy M., La Luz, NM, 10/13/2012

Whoa! Super fast shipping. Packaged nicely. Awesome needles--so smooth!!! Will be back for more 9 or 10" needles when available :) thanks – Kelli M., Castile, NY, 09/17/2012

My order came home Friday and I have not stop using it. It works amazing. Thank you. Also have my kids addicted to using it with me. Lol – Desiree H., Plymouth, MA, 09/15/2012

Every bit worth the money. Shipped super fast, and is built like a rock. It’s a beast! It was super easy to set up, and winds really fast. So far so good. I love this thing! – Tabitha R., Burgin, KY, 08/29/2012

Dancing Willows arrived safely yesterday and I was able to assemble it and get it in the ground today even without the help of my son who was busy with another assignment. My only suggestion would be to make the end of the pole that goes into the ground somewhat sharper so it would be easier to hammer in. I wasn't able to get the three anchors evenly spaced, I think because I hit a tree root. Hopefully, it will be secure enough. It catches the breeze well and I find it beautiful. Thank you for designing it. – Nina T., Alexandria, VA, 07/27/2012

I wanted you to know how delighted we are with our purchase of the dancing willow leaves wind sculpture. It is a perfect addition to our pond at our Wisconsin farm. I was wondering if you have one of the aspen sculptures available at this time. My husband requested I purchase another wind sculpture hopefully to keep the herons away from our goldfish and koi! - Linda D., Burlington, WI, 07/15/2012

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