Stanwood Needlecraft - Yarn Counter Meterage/Yardage Meter

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Stanwood Needlecraft - Yarn Counter Meterage/Yardage Meter

For sale is a Stanwood Needlecraft yarn yardage counter. This novel looking heavy duty yarn counter is designed by us here at Stanwood Needlecraft (Patent No. 29/652,711). It features reinforced nylon gears, the same tough material that is used in our legendary large metal ball winder. It uses same smooth and solid beech wood used in our swift line-up. Measurement is tallied by a resettable rotary mechanical counter and displayed in metric meters. It can be clamped to a table up to 1 3/4" thick. 

The accuracy of the winder has been tested to be +/-5%. We found the accuracy depends on how tight or loose you wind your yarn.

Below is a quick conversion table to see how much yarn you have in imperial units. Just multiple the number on the counter by the number in the second column to get the appropriate units.

Conversion Table 
1 meter 1.093 yard
1 meter 3.281 feet
1 meter 39.37 inch